hyaluronic acid
However, it is worth knowing that these ingredients should appear in the company of emollients, then There are lubricants because they can tangle the hair on their own. Therefore, it is important that conditioners and hair masks are rich in oils (eg sunflower oil, sweet almond oil), oils (eg cocoa, shea), lanolin or fatty alcohols such as cetearyl alcohol. The rule is to use hair products rich in ingredients and heavier formulas in winter than summer products. Thanks to this, the hair will be well moisturized, elastic, smooth and pleasant to the touch. They will not curl, static or crumble. For example, Four Starlings Conditioner, Eveline Serum Mask or Garnier Hair Mask are great choices.

Oiling the hair
Oiling the hair in winter is a must. Oils (especially unrefined ones) are rich in vitamins, phytosterols and other nutrients that are good for our hair. What distinguishes oils from conditioners is the ability of the beneficial components of oils to penetrate into the deep structures of the hair and its follicles. Oils replenish hair loss, close cuticles, protect strands from harmful external factors (including adverse weather conditions), intensively moisturize, but do not make hair greasy, regulate sebum secretion and strengthen the hair structure along the entire length. As a result, the hair is nourished, strong, well hydrated and resistant to damage, as well as to low and high temperatures.

Which oils to use?
When choosing oils, consider the type of hair, not the season. Low porosity hair is the least demanding. By nature, their scales fit snugly together, making the strands smooth and shiny. Unfortunately, they are splatter-prone, oily, easily damaged, and difficult to style. For such hair, saturated oils, including butters, are the best choice, including:

Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Castor Oil
Coconut Oil
Medium porosity hair has a slightly raised cuticle, causing the strands to become slightly dry and dull, and their ends tend to split. For this type of hair, monounsaturated oils are suitable, such as:

Sweet Almond Oil
Linseed Oil
Olive Oil
Rapeseed Oil
High porosity hair is the most difficult hair type to tame and maintain. The strands are very dry, rough, hard and dull. They tend to be static and frizzy. Reason sticks out

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